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He ran his long hairy fingers along her flank, feeling the soft supple leather engage in a battle of friction which his strong arms easily overcame. His feet fumbled with her buckles and he knew, if she really wanted to, that this could be the end of a wonderful friendship ... but as the metal bound end of the last leather strap slipped easily from the shiny ring, the tip of a tongue slid out from under the lid and teasingly just touched briefly his questing toes. "Ooook" he thought to himself and reached forward in anticipation of what he might find inside when the box opened to him ... the scent of bananas filled the air ...



Thinking back it seemed that ever since he was was a small pearwood sapling, TL had known that one day he would be more than just another tree in the orchard ... Of course that was perfectly natural for sapient pearwood ... After all they had plenty of time to think in the good five years from planting to first crop of pears (and they'd always joked among themselves that some people thought it was an apple that had the knowledge of good and evil, well apples are fairly stupid so a simple yes/no was about all they could manage ...) and yet, somehow, even though there were the "rough" trees (the non-sapient) which were required for cross-pollination, it never seemed enough to TL. He always wanted something more, life, adventure, really wild things ...

... and now, having been all over the Disc, TL still felt like there should be something more. He'd never meant to retire, but somehow, in the arms of the Librarian, he'd found peace. Maybe it was the comfort of knowing that the Librarian was used to spending a lot of his time hanging around with trees, maybe it was that special level of communication (mostly non-verbal but with that deadly masculine strength behind it, that demanded attention and respect) that they shared. It might even be the way that when they were together that time stood still (the Librarian had explained about the library's magic fields and how Entropy sometimes didn't just stop or go backwards, but sometimes went in circles and then got totally lost, but it went above TL's lid)

Still, it had been wonderful for a while, but recently the magic seemed to be going out of their relationship. Sure the sex was good but they didn't talk the way they didn't used to. And last night TL was sure he saw the Librarian sneaking out, pausing only to grab a book and to stick his banana in a rucksack ... a rucksack for goodness sake, what kind of relationship can you have with a non-sentient bag? Next thing you'd know he'd be seen around town with a courier bag or desperately trying to look younger holding a clutch.

TL sighed ... it was the way of the world, everyone was looking for a younger model, one with wheels and a pull up handle ... TL knew what to do about those, the wheels were particularly crunchy in his teeth ... but there was little he could do about the Librarian ... they'd argued before and the last thing he wanted was handbags at dawn.

So this was it, he'd have to leave ... heaving a sigh of regret and pausing only to wipe a tear of sap on the pages of the Librarian's secret diary, The Luggage left, pulling the door shut behind him.

When the Librarian returned, he spent a while trying to figure out that final message in his diary, but no matter how he tried, it always seemed to say ... "remember the good times, enjoy the memories, don't ook back in anger ..."


I thought Shadists might enjoy them :)
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Smit is OK

I emailed Smit the other day (for those people who don't know, he lives in Thailand now, and runs a boat-hire place, thus implying being pretty near water) to see if he was OK, and got this reply this morning...



I am fine and so is my family.
Will speak soon when I get a moment. Hospital are using my puters and house is full of injured.



So phew, that's OK then.
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